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Which is the best Linux book in 2024?

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Best of 2024: Find the right Linux book in the UK

As a versatile open-source platform, there is no end to the amount of useful software and applications available for Linux operating system. However, for anyone unfamiliar with using a Linux, it can be daunting to try to learn the unique operating system. The best Linux books aim to make it as accessible as possible for beginners, providing step by step guides of all the essential stuff, from navigating the user interface to how understand the most important terminal commands. But how do you know what is the best Linux book for you? Here’s everything you need to consider to find the right book with for your level expertise.

The 10 best Linux books in the UK (July 2024)

The bestseller list compares Linux books from multiple brands
Best choice TOP 1
Image of No Starch Press 58040440 Linux book
No Starch Press 58040440
  • Edition: Latest third edition ensures up-to-date information.
  • Reputation: Published by No Starch Press, a trusted brand.
  • Content: Comprehensive Linux knowledge for superusers.
Image of No Starch Press 50448672 Linux book
No Starch Press 50448672
  • Utility: Ideal for both beginners and advanced users.
  • Publisher: From No Starch Press.
  • Relevance: Covers basics, networking, scripting, and security in Kali.
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Linux book buying guide

Do you want to buy a good Linux book? This is all you need to know.

A short explanation: What are Linux books?

Image of Linux books

A Linux book is any type of literary publication that focuses on the Linux operating system. This can range from beginners’ guides and self-help books to Linux manuals and software guides. Given that Linux is one of the most influential developments in modern computing but is somewhat overlooked in popular media, there are many great Linux books on the subject worth reading.

What are the benefits of good Linux books?

Many people want to learn the Linux operating system but are overwhelmed by the complex nature of computing software. This is why a Linux book is highly worthwhile, as it provides a complete overview of Linux, how it works, its best features, and how it differs from other operating systems. You will be guided through the fundamentals of using Linux, with step-by-step guides and jargon-free language that helps you get to grips with this powerful OS. Moreover, the best Linux books also cover common servers and commands used by developers and programmers.

How to choose the best Linux book in 2024?

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In order to find the best Linux book for your needs, there are many things to take into consideration. Here are some important aspects to think about when looking for a good Linux book:

  • Subject Matter: As any Linux user knows, there are so many different versions available that finding one that suits your needs or interests can take some time. Therefore, it’s important to consider what type of Linux book is most suitable for your intentions. While some books provide a general overview of a vast operating system, other books are dedicated to a specific task or version, such as learning Linux for network servers, databases, using as a home PC, or operating mobile devices.
  • Task and Projects: Thinking about your main intentions for using the Linux book should make it easier to find a suitable reference book. For instance, when learning Linux, you may have several tasks and projects in mine, such as migrating to a Linux PC, installing Linux software, or editing photos, playing games, or writing documents.
  • How Comprehensive it is: Linux books range from beginner to advanced levels, although many are complete guides that cover everything you need to know about the system. However, some books are dedicated to specific operations, languages, or applications, whereas others may focus on programming and developing. While a complete guide is a good starting point and should help you find your niche, you may prefer the direct approach of a dedicated Linux book.

Which types of Linux books are available to buy in the UK?

There are countless Linux books available that cover every topic and go into various depths of detail, so it’s a good idea to know what you want from your book before getting started. To help you choose a suitable Linux book to buy, consider what you already know about Linux and what you want to learn more about. Here are some informative Linux resources that cover a wide array of topics:

  • Beginners Linux Books: If you are new to Linux, it is recommended to get a book that introduces its basic concepts. It should offer insights into Linux operating system distributions and necessary Linux background including courses. A beginner’s book must detail the basics of Linux such as installation and command as well as graphical user interface. It should also introduce readers to the applications used in Linux and how to carry out some basic setup and configuration.
  • Advanced Linux Books: For professionals, there are books that will develop your coding in Linux and master the operating system. An advanced book must detail the key concepts of Linux that will help further your understanding of the operating system. It should give you the chance to advance your Linux skills, do more with the operating system and know more about its programming.
  • Linux Programming and Administration: There are a host of books for network administrators to help in deploying, configuring, and maintaining systems running Linux. It will offer you an in-depth understanding of the domain name service, DNS as well as the necessary security through Linux.
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