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Which is the best festival guide in 2024?

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Best of 2024: Find the right festival guide in the UK

With so many festivals to choose from year, it can be difficult to find the best one for you, as well as knowing exactly what to expect from the experience. The best festival guides can certainly help with this. Packed with plenty of useful information, buying a good festival guide will ensure you know about all the best festivals, the headline acts, travel information, camping details, and much more. Find the perfect festival guide with all the info you need below.

The 10 best festival guides in the UK (July 2024)

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Do you want to buy a good festival guide? This is all you need to know.

A short explanation: What are festival guides?

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A festival guide is a type of directory website that focuses on the various festivals and events happening around the world. Festival guides recommend events to people organizing trips around the world. The best festival guides will focus on the biggest and best events, including the Rio Carnival, Glastonbury Festival, and various others. There are now festivals for almost every type of event, making it all the more important to find the best events to attend.

What are the benefits of good festival guides?

Festivals are a cultural staple across the world, with the majority of places hosting several festivals throughout the year. As a result, there is an almost endless supply of festivals to visit, making it difficult to decide on one to go to. Whether you are looking to visit a certain festival or are not sure where to go, the best festival guides offer a treasure trove of information. They provide insights into loads of different festivals, including their history and culture, as well as images and tips, all of which help you decide on an event to visit.

How to choose the best festival guide in 2024?

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Since festival guides are essentially a small book, it is important to know what you want to get out of it and what you want to find. Here are some things to consider so that you can choose the best festival guide for your needs:

  • Event Guide: A festival guide should guide you around the festival! Look for an event guide of the festival that highlights the main attractions, activities, and offerings. If this is lacking then perhaps choose another option, after all, it’s the main reason you’re buying the guide!
  • Features: Festival guides can offer a diverse range of features, so consider what you want from the guide. For example, you may want mostly text-based information that details the history of the area and festival, with some recommendations for places to visit outside of the festival. Or perhaps you want a guide that has lots of maps and details on all vendors and attractions at the festival.
  • Festival Type: Of course, you should choose a festival guide based on the type of festival you are attending. There are so many different types of festivals and events, so look for a guide that will enhance your experience the most. For instance, if going to a music festival then a guide with maps and information on each artist is a great choice. An art festival may be better suited to guides that provide listings for all vendors. Consider what you need to get the most from the festival you are visiting.

Which types of festival guides are available to buy in the UK?

Get the best festival experience by choosing from one of the following popular types of festival guides:

  • Travel Guides: A travel guide is great for getting information about the local area and any notable points of interest. They also include information on local etiquette, public holidays, popular tourist attractions local insight so are great for getting the most out of an area when attending multiple events.
  • Language Guides: Some festivals are hosted in foreign countries which may require you to know some of the native lingo. If you’re not fluent in the hosting language, then a language guide will help you get by with some helpful words, phrases, and translations.
  • Event Guides: A guide focused on the event itself, it offers the most insight into the festival including its history, any notable statistics, and features. It is also likely going to list the schedule and line-up of the festival.
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