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Which is the best tennis racket in 2024?

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Best of 2024: Find the right tennis racket in Australia

Using the best tennis racket generally improves your game, making it an excellent investment for first-timers and experienced players alike. But, with literally thousands of tennis rackets to choose from, knowing what’s best for your game can be difficult, which is where this handy buying guide can help. It shows all the important aspects to consider when looking for a tennis racket, so you can find the best tennis rackets for your playing style.

The 10 best tennis rackets in Australia (July 2024)

The bestseller list compares tennis rackets from multiple brands
Best choice TOP 1
Image of WILSON WRT30860U2 tennis racket
  • Balance: Strung balance of 3 points head light for improved maneuverability.
  • Stability: Aluminum construction and stop shock pads ensure stability and control.
  • Power: Volcanic frame and power strings provide enhanced power for your shots.
Image of WILSON WR055010U3 tennis racket
  • Control: Midsized head enhances feel and control.
  • Vibration: BLX Basalt minimizes racket vibrations for better feel.
  • Composition: Graphite offers an excellent mix of control, feel, and power.
Image of Senston Senston-S500REDBLUE-CA tennis racket
Senston Senston-S500REDBLUE-CA
  • Lightweight: Easy to grip and swing, ideal for convenient play.
  • Specifications: Standard length, mid+ head size, grip size 2, balanced for improved control.
  • Performance: Premium-quality package with protective carry case and overgrips included.
Offer TOP 4
Image of HEAD 236801 - S2 tennis racket
HEAD 236801 - S2
  • Stability: Head light balance reduces vibration and aids stability.
  • Beginner: Ideal for a wide age range of casual players.
  • Performance: HEAD products revolutionize skiing and tennis, pushing the limits of athletic equipment.
Image of WILSON WR052610U tennis racket
  • Protection: Bumper guard shields frame from damage.
  • Comfort: Comfortable power ideal for recreational juniors.
  • Weight: Airlite alloy ensures lightweight frame, enhancing power and durability.
Image of WILSON WR127410U2 tennis racket
  • Material: Aluminum graphite offers durability and a superior feel.
  • Balance: A balanced racket ensures stability and maneuverability.
  • Weight: Lighter rackets offer better control; heavier provide more power.
Image of WILSON WR055010U2 tennis racket
  • Control: Midsized head offers enhanced feel and control.
  • Vibration: BLX technology reduces vibrations for better feel.
  • Graphite: Excellent mix of control, feel, power with strong construction.
Image of WILSON WRT30200U3 tennis racket
  • Construction: Lightweight and durable AirLite Alloy frame enhances performance.
  • Sweet-Spot: Larger sweet spot for more powerful and consistent shots.
  • Weight: Ensures balance and maneuverability for better control.
Image of WILSON WRT30400U3 tennis racket
  • Comfort: Stop Shock pads enhance comfort.
  • Stability: Volcanic Frame Technology offers power and stability.
  • Power: Longer main strings for explosive power.
TOP 10
Image of HEAD 236001 - S3 tennis racket
HEAD 236001 - S3
  • Stability: Head light balance reduces vibration and increases racket stability.
  • Versatility: Suitable for all skill levels and ages.
  • Performance: HEAD's innovative design enhances overall athletic performance.
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Table of contents
  1. Read the definitive tennis racket buying guide
  2. View the tennis racket picks and see how they rank in the top list

tennis racket buying guide

Do you want to buy a good tennis racket? This is all you need to know.

A short explanation: What are tennis rackets?

Image of tennis rackets

A tennis racket is a piece of equipment used to play tennis. It consists of a handled frame that is strung with cord to create a large, rounded surface, which is used to hit the ball. Rackets come in various sizes, materials, and weights, while people of all ages typically use them, although they are most effective in the hands of an adult or junior player.

What are the benefits of good tennis rackets?

Playing tennis requires several pieces of equipment, with tennis rackets among the most important of the bunch. Known as the power behind your swing, it’s vital for anyone looking to play tennis to have the best tennis racket they can find. Better rackets provide a more comfortable hitting experience and can help enhance control when you play, all of which are welcomed by anyone looking to improve their game.

How to choose the best tennis racket in 2024?

Additional image of tennis racket

With a staggering amount of tennis rackets available, it can feel impossible to find the best racket for you. However, there are several things worth considering to make the process easier:

  • Length: The standard length offers great maneuverability around the court, although some feel more comfortable with an extended length. The longer length allows for better reach, which is ideal for playing single’s tennis.
  • Pattern: The string pattern on a tennis racket is important, as it determines the amount of control and power you can hit the ball. A dense string pattern is great for control but less suited for generating power, which is better produced with a more open string pattern.
  • Flexibility: A racket’s flexibility is certainly worth considering, as you may want more control over your shots. A flexible frame generates less power but offers better feel and control when playing shots.

Which types of tennis rackets are available to buy in Australia?

There are many different types of tennis racket available, some of which may be better suited for certain styles of play. Here are some popular types of rackets that you can currently buy:

  • Beginners Tennis Racket: With longer playing surfaces, these tennis rackets are great for beginners still learning the technical side of the game, favouring power and depth. They also use a system known as stop shock to avoid the player receiving a nasty vibration when they hit the ball.
  • Power Tennis Racket: Less experienced players often lack the strength require to hit the ball with enough pace and depth, which is where the power (or super oversized) tennis racket comes in hand, as it offers added weight and size. For this reason, it’s a style best suited for beginners.
  • Control Tennis Racket: With a lighter materials, this type of tennis racket is designed to offer the player more control, making it suitable for an intermediate player. The design’s control is offers less depth to their shots, although they can place the ball more precisely. It’s always good for hitting with spin.
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